This weeks' number one could actually be the theme song for this group who holds the top spot.

Originally the band was named Jefferson Airplane and formed out of the San Francisco, Ca area. Members of the group, at this time in 1967, included: Marty Balin & Grace Slick on vocals, Paul Kantner, Jack Kaukonen and  Jack Cassidy. Two of their biggest hits from the "Summer of Love" were "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit.

It was 8 years later that the group returned to the chart and with a NEW name: Jefferson Starship.  They dropped the Airplane and picked up the Starship moniker in 1974. Some members of the band had changed at this time also: JA's members included: Balin, Slick, Kantner, Greg Chaquico, Pete Sears, David Freiberg and John Barbata. But there was more turbulence for the Jefferson Starship.

Hit's during this time included: "Miracles," "Count On Me" and (one of my personal favorites) "Runaway." But, there was more turbulence for the Jefferson Starship on the horizon.

Slick left the group in 1978, but would return in 1981 Balin and Barbata left in 1979, replaced by Elvin Bishop vocalist, Mickey Thomas and Aynsley Dunbar. Dunbar left in '82, replaced by Don Baldwin. Katner left in late 1984. With this line-up they continued with their chart success with hits including: "Jane," "Find Your Way Back" and "No Way Out."

Because Katner was one of the original founding members of Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship a legal battle began over the name finally ending with ANOTHER name change. This time, simply, Starship in 1985. During this period, the group would have less singles released, but have their biggest success on the charts.

It started with the Albert Hammond & Diane Warren penned, "We Built This City," which became their first number one and stayed at the top spot for two weeks, followed by the enchanting ballad, "Sara," another number one record. That brings us up to this weeks number one. This would be the second week at the top, with the help of the movie where the song was featured, "Mannequin"-starring Andrew McCarthy and Kim Catrell.

Enjoy the number song this week from April 11, 1987. Starship and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now."