With Labor Day just around the corner, many are mourning the end of summertime. Don't fret — just remember these things that make fall great, from baseball to apple pie.

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    Fall Sports

    The NFL’s regular season starts September 8, the NHL begins in early October and MLB playoffs are almost here. (The NBA is still in a lockout but we'll survive without 'em.)

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    Costumes! Candy! Ghosts and ghouls galore! There’s nothing not to love about Halloween. And yes, we're getting dressed up, even if we’re the only ones at the office in a costume. It’s Halloween and we’re going to enjoy it!

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    Fall Flavors

    It’s the time of year for hot apple cider, pies galore and pumpkin everything. (Are we the only ones who eagerly await the moment pumpkin spice lattes are back on the Starbucks menu?) And hey, we’ll throw a few trips to the apple orchard in there, too.

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    Back to school, the holidays — reasons abound for autumn shopping sprees. And yes, you're allowed to go back to school shopping no matter what your age. Because we say so.

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    Red, yellow and orange are the colors of the season. If you live in a foliage-happy part of the country, hop in the car with your loved ones and go on a tour of the changing hues. Then, grab your rake and make yourself a nice big pile of leaves to jump in.

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    Fall clothes are so better than summer clothes. More options, more coverage and more fun. And there’s nothing like a good, cozy sweater to keep you from missing your bikini.

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    Fall TV

    New, promising series set to premiere include '2 Broke Girls' and 'Free Agents,' and new seasons for old favorites like 'The Office' and 'Desperate Housewives' (in its final season).

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    Yes, school. Reading and writing and ‘rithmetic, we’re ready for you. OK, we may not be in the majority, but we think school is pretty exciting. And hey, when you have a positive attitude about something, it’s automatically better. So, bring on the books!

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    Labor Day and Columbus Day

    Um, what’s not to like about three-day weekends in consecutive months? Take a trip to see that foliage or apple orchard, or use the time off to catch up on all that new TV. Whatever you do, there’s not much that can go wrong on a day off.

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    Shaving Less

    OK, we’re just being practical here. Ladies, your legs can wait an extra days to be shaved, and men, it’s totally acceptable to get a little shaggier (hey, anything for warmth) as the temperature drops.

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