Today around 4pm at the Balderas home, where four lives were taken due to chemical poisoning, two dogs were being rescued.

The incident happened Monday evening at a home in Northeast Amarillo. Four minors were killed and six others were injured due to toxic fumes. There were reports of dogs living at them home as well.  Not sure exactly how many animals there were, but when we arrived on Tuesday, late afternoon, two dogs being rescued.

The latest update is that all surviving members of the Balderas family that are in Amarillo are doing well. Mrs. Balderas continues to improve and responding but not totally conscious yet.

The funerals for the kids that past away will be held next week.  A GoFund Me Account has been set up as well as an account at the Amarillo National Bank.  If you would like to make a donation to the family, you can call 806-378-8000 or stop by any Amarillo National Bank. Check out the video we recorded.





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