For those of us born in the 20th century, the 2000s don’t feel that long ago. We were there when people freaked out about Y2K (Not us, though. We, uh, we played it totally cool. Totally.) We remember all the bare midriff tops. We listened to all the tacky pop music and pretended we didn’t like it. We obsessed over Donnie Darko. It was a wild time.

But Y2K was 20 years ago. So are the days of Donnie Darko and boy bands. Things have changed an awful lot since then — something that is very clear when you go back and actually watch the movies of 2000s. For all our collective nostalgia for the turn of the century, some of that era’s popular culture hasn’t aged well at all. That includes some big blockbusters, a lot of the decade’s popular comedies, and even an Oscar winner or two. (Not Donnie Darko though; that one’s still cool.)

For proof, check out the list of ten films below. They might have been hits 15 or 20 years, They might still be popular today. But none of them could get made today, at least not in a form that resembles the version that got made during the 2000s.

2000s Movies That Could Never Be Made Today

These movies include some of the biggest of the decade. But all of them would have trouble getting made today.

80s Movies That Could Never Be Made Today

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