August 15th 2018 Zachary Cordova was at the Value Inn off of East I 40 in Amarillo. Officers were called to investigate only to find Cordova suffering from a gunshot wound to the face. Amarillo Police considered it to be a suspicious shooting. Cordova later died.  August 27th Zachary Cordova’s death was now a murder investigation. That investigation lead to a murder warrant issued for Billey Joe Woelfle.

Two days after Cordova’s murder, Lubbock police arrested Billey Joe Woelfle, 22, of Plainview on a counterfeit money charge.

Billey Joe Woelfle pleaded guilty to the murder of Zachary Cordova. A state district judge sentenced Woelfle on Friday to 35 years in prison.

Zachary Cordova
Zachary Cordova

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