So over the weekend, we went to the theater to watch "Pirates Of the Caribben: On Stranger Tides."  I made the decision to go and see the movie in IMAX, and after the fact I realized I had made a bad decision.  The bad decision wasn't the movie.  The fourth installment of the franchise was very good.  In fact, it was better than the third and dare I say the second.  The bad decision was forking over the $12.50 per ticket to see it in IMAX.I keep telling myself I'm not going to pay to see another movie in 3-D, but I find myself paying the extra money for 3-D.  Why, Why, Why, do I do that?  I realized I keep thinking the 3-D will get better with each movie.


My idea of 3-D is the 3-D of the 80's, where things actually fly off the screen at you.  Where a piece of the movie seems to be within an arms reach.   From the 3-D movies I have seen in the last year none of them offer this greatness.

After almost 20 years, I had the opportunity to see "Captain EO," again at Epcot last November when I was attending a Children's Miracle Network Radio Convention.  I remember looking over at a friend and asking, "why don't today's 3-D movies fly at you like this one.  I mean seriously, this one was made in the '80's."

Don't get me wrong, I see the three dimensional aspect of today's movies, but I don't see the spark.  I don't see the movie coming to life on our out of  the screen.

Hollywood, if you are going to insist that the movie is 3-D and charge the 3-D prices, then please make it a 3-D movie worth watching.

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