Amarillo finds itself under a Winter Storm warning and nothing makes the time you may spend at home, more comfy, than a fireplace. To make that time safe and and enjoyable, here are 5 things, you should make part of your fire time.

1. Keep your firewood dry out of moisture. Firewood should be stored in a rack, keeping the wood off the ground.

2. Never use anything flammable to start your fire. It's always best to use starter logs or newspaper.

3. Clean out your firebox, at least once a week, during the season.  Leave an inch of ash on the bottom  It's acts as insulations and will help your coals heat up faster.

4. Keep a screen in front of your fire. Sparks fly everywhere, Keep them inside your fireplace and not on your carpet or wooden floors.

5. Have your chimney inspected, every two years.  It doesn't take a reputable chimney sweep, much more than an hour and it's better than having your house catch fire.

Enjoy the approaching winter storm and stay safe!

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