Kids running wild in any store is a hot-button issue. Most adults agree children should well looked after when shopping with their parents. Other adults think their kids are little explorers who shouldn't have their curious personality inhibited by societal expectations.

A Canyon, Texas store has the perfect answer for unattended kids.

Weathered Elements In Canyon, Texas Is Armed With Kazoos

I died laughing when I saw the photo. I've seen all kinds of signs over the years regarding parents and their unattended children. Some of them are funny. Others are less humorous and are more "we're tired of having to deal with your children."

Weathered Elements in Canyon takes a very funny approach.

The sign states that unattended children will be given coffee and a kazoo. You are then encouraged to enjoy your "noisy, caffeinated orchestra."

You can see the sign for yourself here.

A Very Humorous, And Somewhat Scary, Solution

I couldn't quit giggling while imaging some parents having to drive down the road while dealing with a backseat full of kids playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" on kazoo. It's honestly a hilarious mental image.

At the same time, I was filled with a certain kind of existential dread that only a parent could know. The idea of my sweet little angels laughing and playing their kazoos as loud as possible while I'm trapped in the driver's seat of the family gives me cold sweats and makes my stomach hurt.

Hats off to Weathered Elements in Canyon for their sign. It made me laugh. It was scary than any movie I've ever seen. It's made me want to come check out all of the decor you have for sale just so I can meet the mind behind the sign.

Well done.

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