William, is a little boy who lives here in Amarillo with 3 older brothers and a wonderful mom and dad.  Up until September William was a happy, healthy, 4-year old little boy.  He loves to play with his brothers, he loves wrestling, he loves to give hugs, and he is an all around awesome little man.   His smile can light up a room.  In September, several aneurysms were found in William's brain and he has been fighting for his life since September.


William's mother  got a phone call from his teacher one day saying she thought that he had pink eye.  So she went and picked him up from school and the doctor was just going to call in a prescription, but something told William's mom that she needed to take him into the doctor's office.  When she did their lives changed forever.


First they were sent to Lubbock, once in Lubbock, William received his first ride in an ambulance to Children's Hospital in Dallas.  The doctor's were able to put a drain inside William's head to relieve the pressure.  Unfortunately, the doctors deemed that the aneurysms were inoperable and have tried to find ways to fix them with medicine.

William was able to come home, but has been back and forth to Dallas several times since then with swelling.

However, on December 21st, William was flown to Dallas and hasn't returned home and may not return to his earthly home.

William suffered a massive hemorrhage around his brain stem.  This is the central hub of his nervous system. The hemorrhage cause irreparable brain damage.

He was put in a medically induced coma and put on a ventilator.

The doctors told his parents that they had to make some hard decisions on life saving measures if William goes into cardiac arrest and/or isn't able to breathe on his own without the ventilator.

In an update yesterday from a family friend she said:

All the docs and nurses are in CONDOLENCE mode. As we sit here in the HURRY UP AND WAIT game, I can't help but think this is a game none of us wants to be in. Whether sitting on the sidelines or in the middle of the battle...this is truly a battle never soon to be forgotten.

Yesterday, they started weaning William off the pain and sedation medications.  They eventually turned the ventilator down to 8 breaths a minute and William is taking 20 breaths per minute which means his body is breathing on its own as well.

William, started waking up a bit last night and was responding to voices.  When his daddy played him a video from his brothers he raised his hand.

William is an awesome little boy, and my Christmas wish this year is for a Miracle.  William's family is a very Godly family and they believe that God is in control of their little boy and he has a plan.

William has already touched so many lives with his struggle.    Even though the doctors are at a loss and say nothing can be done, as long as he is alive there is HOPE!

I believe in miracles because I have seen them.  So I ask of you, no matter what religion you practice, or if you don't practice one at all, please say a prayer for little William today or send a happy thought into the universe.  Share this story with your friends and ask for their prayers.  Add him to your prayer lists at church, in your life groups or add a moment to your daily quiet time for him.

Whatever the outcome will be, and I can speak for his parents on this one, God's Will will be done.

So My Christmas Miracle Wish is for William to be completely healed.  My wish is for his mom and dad to pack him up in their car and bring him back to Amarillo.  My wish is for him and his brothers to wrestle and play again.  My wish is to be able to take Ethan to see his friend to celebrate his 5th birthday.  My wish is for William to come home, and the next time I see him he gives me one of his big 'ol smiles and a big hug.  My wish is for William to grow up and become a neurosurgeon and help other kids who have gone through the same thing as he is going through.

If I cannot have my Christmas Wish, then I wish for God to give William the biggest set of wings!



You can keep up with William's progress on his facebook page Prayers for William.

A account has been set up at Amarillo National Bank, you can make a donation to the family to help out with medical expenses at any ANB Branch, the account is under Benefit for William Taylor.  Donations can be sent safely through bank accounts via Paypal by using and donating to: kf5keh@gmail.com.



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