ABC has decided to cancel Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition. I must admit I actually enjoyed watching this show over the years.  However, in the last couple of seasons it just didn't follow the formula it did in the early years, and honestly was boring.


I watched this show mainly because I had become a fan of Ty Pennington from TLC's Trading Spaces, and when I realized that he was on this show I was hooked.

Ty Pennnington had this to say on his website:


I am incredibly grateful for having been part of a television show that changed the lives of so many people. ABC has decided to cancel the series, but I believe the spirit of what we have done across the country for over 200 families will continue to inspire. It has been an honor to work side by side with the EMHE families, builders, and thousands of volunteers who have proven that good hearts can and do change the world.

Thank you to every single soul who has ever had a hand and a heart in making the dreams of so many come true, including my own. And special thanks to our talented design team, the show producers, and the indestructible production crew. We've had an amazing journey together. ABC had the courage to try something new and stick with it for 9 seasons and we are forever changed by the experience. Finally, a huge thank you to the fans. You are loyal and enthusiastic and we draw so much energy from your commitment to our work. You are the reason for our success. We are not gone-we'll continue to do EMHE specials and I will always look for ways I can help people improve their lives.

I knew the show was heading for cancellation when ABC moved it to Friday nights.  Friday is where all good shows go to die.

It is sad because all those deserving families across the country have lost the chance  of getting chosen to have their homes re-built.

ABC did say however that they plan on doing several Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition Specials.

Look for the last episode to air January 13th.

Don't forget to tune into Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition tonight because Amarillo's very own Santa Ray was invited to be a part of the show.


Santa Ray told me it was one of the best experiences of his life!

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