Adam Levine is said to be a ladies man, which is no shock, since he is good-looking, talented and tattooed, not to mention he offers really informative and insightful commentary to his subjects as a coach on 'The Voice.'

So when he invited his fellow Season 4 coach Shakira to engage in some Bikram yoga sessions with him at his home, it got people like Shak's man, bugging out!

For those who don't know, Bikram yoga -- which Levine practices a lot -- is a form of yoga done in hot and humid temperatures, so that means the coaches are having steamy yoga sessions, but not steamy in the sexy and romantic way.

Still, while A. Lev and Shak both love yoga, her baby daddy, Euro soccer player Gerard Pique is a bit concerned that the Maroon 5 singer might be putting the moves on his woman! In a move that seemed orchestrated to send a message, the footballer planted a smooch on Shak on camera at a game in a Spain, as if to prove "ownership!"

"His message was unmistakable to Adam or anyone else who might have designs on his woman: Hands off, she’s mine!” said a source.

What is this, the Stone Age, for God's sake?

"Adam taught Shakira some moves and vice versa,” the source said. “It was a great, sweaty experience." Well, yeah, that's par for the course with Bikram.

Levine is reportedly not putting the moves on Shakira, since she's not his type. "Adam says he’s just been helping Shakira lose some of her stubborn baby weight,” the insider said.

Even so, A. Lev likes his ladies tall and Shak is too vertically challenged for him. "Besides that, 5-foot-3 Shakira just isn’t Adam’s type. Adam thinks she’s gorgeous, but he’s into tall supermodels. Adam and Shakira have gotten hot and heavy, but it’s not about sex – it’s about yoga," the source stated.

Thanks for clearing that up. We were starting to break a sweat...