We've all seen them. Drive around town and soon enough you'll find yourself next to a bike lane in Amarillo, Texas. Coming across these bicycle lanes in Amarillo may lead you to think that we are very bike and pedestrian friendly. When you start reading through news articles and comments, you see that Amarillo has a long way to go when it comes to giving us true transportation choices.

Amarillo's Progress Creating Bicycle Lanes Across The City

Amarillo has put in the work in trying to get bike lanes in parts of the city. Unfortunately, many of the main roads in town still lack bike lanes. Many of the bike lanes we have will get you through a quiet residential neighborhood, but maybe not down to the grocery store.

When you check the City of Amarillo website, you'll find information about projects the City has undertaken to bring more bike lanes to Amarillo. For some, though, it doesn't feel like enough. Some point out the issue regarding bike lanes and the main roads in town. Others point out how difficult it is for a city to add bike lanes after the fact.

Does Amarillo Need More Bike Lanes To Help Encourage Choices In Transportation?

This is one of the questions that the City is asking right now. They need the public's input on what projects are needed most. The City will use the info to help them get federal funding through the Safe Streets and Roads For All program.

The comments on a recent post from the City on Facebook regarding bike lanes and the Safe Streets program drew a variety of responses. Some say there are much bigger priorities, from streetlights that don't come on to sidewalks being better for wheelchair access.

I would love to see more bike lanes in the City if it's possible. If you want more bike lanes or have other suggestions for projects the City should add to their to-do list, you can make your thoughts known by following this link. Looking at the interactive map on their site, a lot of you have spoken up and there's a lot we want the City to do.

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