When movies are made, you assume they're all done in Los Angeles or New York or somewhere fancy and big right? Well little did you know, some of the biggest movies are shot in smaller places and even places you've never heard of. Amarillo is no different.

I recently watched the documentary called "Bomb City" that's based on the true life story about the murder of local teen Brian Deneke. It garnered rave reviews at various film festivals and it got me to thinking about what other movies have been either entirely filmed here, or at least had pieces of it in there. There is one that immediately came to mind, and it's a big one.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark - The Adaptation: Charity Screening
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In the brilliant movie "Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade", the end scene of the movie was shot right here in Palo Duro Canyon. You remember the scene don't you? Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford) and his dad (played by Sean Connery) hop up on their horses and get ready to leave at the end of their quest. Connery looks at Ford and calls him "Junior" which Ford absolutely can't stand. After getting laughed at by other characters once it was revealed his nickname Indiana came from the name of his family dog, they all take off through the canyon towards their next adventure.

So little did you know that we actually live in a Hollywood hotbed...well, kind of. Bottom line is, Amarillo is a place that filmmakers seem to like, and we can probably expect more movies to be shot here in some capacity.

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