In Amarillo, there are 49 unsolved homicides dating back to the '50s. That's according to a release recently published by the Amarillo Police Department. It was part of a release announcing some pretty big news.

Amarillo Police Department is getting a Cold Case investigation unit.

Tackling The 49 Unsolved Homicides In Yellow City

How did these 49 cases end up becoming Cold Cases? According to the release, it was a lack of evidence or viable leads.

The release goes on to state that "evolving" technology is what is making it possible to find new evidence and hopefully solve these cases. Additionally, the release states that they will be possibly interviewing witnesses and suspects again to potentially get new information that could lead to cases being resolved.

Another tool in their kit that they will be using while tackling these cases is the public.The release states that as the unit reviews each case, they will be asking the public for our help. If you should have any info that may help in any of these cases, you're encouraged to reach out by calling 806-378-9446. If you want to make an anonymous tip, you can contact Crimestoppers by calling 806-374-4400.

Why A Cold Case Unit For Amarillo?

Other than the fact that there are 49 cases that have yet to be resolved, it's a chance for families and loved ones to finally have some justice and possibly some answers.

The release states that there are two goals that are hoped to be accomplished with this new unit. One, they want to bring the number of unsolved homicides down. Two, they're hoping that they will be able to bring justice to the families who have been suffering.

It's impossible for me to imagine the pain of living without the closure, and the sense of having justice prevail for a loved one. I hope that the Cold Case unit and APD are successful in bringing these cases to a close, and getting answers for the families who have had to go so long without.

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If you have any information or if you know something, call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400. 

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