We've been fortunate recently to have a little rain in Amarillo to cool things down a bit. Unfortunately, it looks like the hot weather is coming back with a vengeance. Next week we're supposed to see temperatures get in the triple digits again. If you've got a pet that spends time outdoors, you need to do what you can to protect them.

How To Protect Your Outdoor Pets In The Amarillo Summer Heat

If your pets spend time outside, next week is going to be brutally hot for them. You need to do what you can to keep them safe. Make sure they have a shady and cool spot to get away from the sun. Let them inside to get out of the heat. Make sure they have plenty of water.

It's crucial in these hot summer months to make sure your pets are taken care of. They can suffer from heatstroke just like we can, and it's just as dangerous for them as it is for us.

How To Help Your Pet Suffering From Heatstroke

If you think your pet is suffering from heatstroke there are things you can do to help them. The City of Amarillo recently put out an entire infographic about pets and heatstroke to help you know what to look for and what to do.

First, the symptoms include:

  • Dizziness, Staggering, Seizures
  • Bright red tongue and gums
  • Bloody diarrhea and vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat, excessive panting, body temp between 106-110 degrees
  • Sticky and dry tongue and gums

If you think your pet is suffering from heatstroke, move them somewhere cool. Get them cool water and put them in front of a fan to help them cool down. Get them to the vet as soon as possible. You can see more on the photo below.

The summer heat can be tough for everyone in Amarillo. Make sure you take care of yourself and take care of your pets too.

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