For whatever reason, it seems like every day there is a new scam being discovered in Amarillo, Texas. They're using phones, text messages, going door-to-door, and emails to try and separate us from our hard-earned money. Recently, my house was hit by someone posing to be with a security system company.

Phone Call From Alleged "Security Company" Could Have Ended In Disaster

It all started with a phone call from an unrecognized number. My girlfriend received the call while working, and used Google's text answering service to see who was calling. To say the responses were less than professional would be an understatement, and when they claimed to be from the company responsible for our security system at the house she picked up the phone.

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What comes next is one of the strangest phone calls I've ever heard of. What it boils down to is this person fishing for information on whether or not we had a security system at our house. The whole conversation was insanely unprofessional, and it constantly set off red flags. Luckily my girlfriend is an incredibly smart woman and she saw right through the individual's questions and didn't give up any info.

Think Before Answering Questions From An Unknown Phone Number

The crazy part of the phone call is that we have a specific person we deal with regarding our security system. We have that person's number and if there's ever an issue or a question, that person is always the person who calls us. It's scary to think what could have happened if this person got the info they were after.

What if we didn't have a security system and they got a hold of that information? If they had asked to verify our address and we gave it to them, they would know of a home that's unprotected and ripe for the picking. Lucky for us, we do have a security system and we do have active service.

It's a scary reminder to always be protective of your information, always ask a lot of questions, and hang up if something seems off. This could have ended in disaster.

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