Tonight in downtown Amarillo, three area women will honored in a special ceremony. All of them have have incredible accomplishments attached to their lives and careers.

Tonight, Amarillo Women's Network will host their annual Career & Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony.

Life Time Award Goes To...

The recipient of the Life Time Award will be Angela Knapp Eggers. According to a press release, Angela is being honored for her 20 years of service to young girls and women in the arts, healthcare, and education. Angela is the Senior Director at the Laura Bush Institute of Women's Health.

She has raised over $3.65 million through her work with the Power of the Purse Luncheon.

Career Award Goes To...

The Career Award will be give to two area women during tonight's ceremony. The award recognizes women who have achieved major career advancement or recognition. The press release lists Georgia Estrada, and Kashion Smith as this year's recipients.

Georgia Estrada, Potter County Constable, Precinct 2, has received many awards, and has many accomplishments as well. Tonight, she will add this award to that list.

Kashion Smith took over as Executive Director of the Amarillo Convention & Visitors Bureau during the pandemic. While such a task might seem insurmountable to most, in 2021 the Hotel & Motel Tax collected was the highest in the Amarillo area's history.

The ceremony will be conducted in downtown Amarillo at the Amarillo National Bank Skyline Conference Room, on the 16th floor. It begins at 5 PM.

According to the Amarillo Women's Network website, AWN's mission is to provide information, resources, contacts, and opportunities to women to assist in their success in the business world.

You can find out more by following this link to their website.

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