As a father of two little kids who are at home right now (screaming extremely loudly at this very moment, if you must know), I recognize the need for entertainment for our children during these very difficult times. I also recognize that while a lot of streaming services offer free trials, this is not the moment for most people to start taking on lots of extra monthly charges. So we’re all looking for deals anywhere we can find them.

So here is one: Amazon has opened up a large selection of their Prime Video streaming service’s children’s programming and made it free for all. You don’t need to pay for Amazon Prime; you just need an Amazon account and you can access hundreds of hours of kids entertainment at this link.

Click over for the full selection — which is divided into shows for preschoolers, shows for kids ages 6 to 11, selections from PBS kids, and films that are free from IMDb TV (with ads) — but here are a few recommendations from personal experience with my two little ones:

Again, those are just a few of the options available for free on Amazon; click over to see the full selection.

Gallery — The Best Children’s Shows Ever:

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