One assassin can only be so fun. So why not have your up-and-coming newbie killer go head-to-head with your former star hitman gone rogue? That’s the basic premise of American Assassin, a blood and bullet showdown between two of Michael Keaton’s proteges.

The film comes from Michael Cuesta, director and executive producer of Homeland, and is based on the novel of the same name from author Vince Flynn. The Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien plays a man with a vengeance streak against terrorists after his girlfriend is murdered on a beach. Sanaa Lathan’s CIA Director enlists him in the black ops program to train under Stan Hurley, a Cold War vet played by Michael Keaton. But Hurley has some enemies too, and one of his former trainees, an assassin played by Taylor Kitsch, returns to kill a bunch of people. The new red band trailer (which is a bit tighter and more violent than the first) has loads of guns and blood and a shirtless Kitsch covered in scars. There’s also a nuclear weapon that goes missing, but appears to explode at some point – spoiler alert!

American Assassin also stars Shiva Negar and Scott Adkins. If True Detective Season 2 left you with a sour taste in your mouth and wishing Kitsch had more to do than just mope on a motorcycle, then perhaps American Assassin will satiate that thirst. The film hits theaters September 15.

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