The majestic music of the legendary rock band Queen was the focus of the first half of tonight’s (April 25) episode of ‘American Idol.’ The Top 6 had a big task ahead of them, since late vocalist Freddie Mercury was one of the biggest, most revered and inimitable voices in rock music. He was a game changer so the Idols were certainly challenged.

The second half featured personal choices. Overall, the singer are all unique and solid and there is no clear favorite to emerge … yet.

Here’s your PopCrush recap of the perfs of the Top 6.


Joshua Ledet: The soul man sang ‘This Thing Called Love.’ It was fun to see him swap out a ballad for an upbeat jam, performed with a handheld mic, too. Nice staging, J Led! Vocals plus performance elements, plus charisma, plus old school Sam Cooke charm? That was Joshua all rolled into one for his first perf. For his second go at it, he slowed things down with a subdued rendition of ‘Ready for Love.’ It earned him a judge’s standing O — his 12th of the season.

Phillip Phillips: The pride of Georgia ripped through ‘Fat Bottomed Girls,’ giving it that raspy and soulful Phillip Phillips touch. He made minor changes to the vocal delivery and it had a twangier vibe. Once again, surprising, unexpected and excellent. He returned to perform Dave Matthews’ ‘The Stone.’ It was the first time the singer’s music has ever been performed on ‘Idol’ and, well, P2 did a terrific, off-the-wall job. He’s so frickin’ cute, too.


Jessica Sanchez: If you want to go big with a Queen song, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is the way to do it. If anyone in this competition has the pipes to rival the late, great Freddie Mercury, it’s Bebe Chez. But she didn’t “kill” it like we expected. Her low-key moments were actually more impressive than her belter ones. She should have gone the Tina Turner route – a rocker with a big vox. The daddy’s girl sang ‘Dance With My Father’ emotionally for her reprise. It was lush and beautiful.

Skylar Laine: The country firecracker was subtle and soaring with ‘The Show Must Go On.’ We’re pretty confident the Top 5 will have a slot saved just for her. For her second song, she enjoyed herself while tackling Jason Aldean‘s ‘Tattoos on This Town.’ She left an indelible mark. Again.

Elise Testone: The season’s anomaly performed ‘I Want It All‘ and since she has that smoky, raspy rock ‘thang’ going on with her voice, this song was smack dab in her wheelhouse. Tonight could be her night and what keeps her out of the bottom, where she camps out EVERY week. Her follow-up performance of Jimi Hendrix‘s ‘Bold as Love’ was also right up her alley. It was memorable, even though Steven Tyler said she chose an unfamiliar song and “you can’t pick the cherries with your back to the tree.” J. Lo loved it. Randy Jackson felt Elise “attacked” it and that wasn’t a good thing for him. Overall, the perf was very Janis Joplin-esque and she is such a throwback. We wish America “got” her, but she’s a rock singer on a pop show.

Hollie Cavanagh: The petite powerhouse, in a ruby red silk pantsuit, sang the big ballad ‘Save Me’ and she fired on all cylinders. But the judges still felt she didn’t connect. When she returned, she stepped it up with a gorgeous version of Miley Cyrus‘ ‘The Climb.’ Finally!

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