Though Lorne Michaels wasn’t quite sure about it, Andy Samberg has confirmed he’s leaving ‘SNL‘ and won’t return next year. This comes as no surprise as he’s just about to star in ‘That’s My Boy.’

But what is news is that he told the New York Times that he, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer (who make up the comedy troupe The Lonely Island) are open to doing digital shorts for the show. Maybe. That wouldn’t be as weird as it sounds – Taccone left ‘SNL’ in 2010, but would return for the digital shorts, so it’s possible that the three will do something for the show when they have an idea (or when Justin Timberlake hosts again).

Both Taccone and Schaffer have had some success outside of ‘SNL’ with Taccone directing ‘MacGruber‘ and Schaffer helming ‘Hot Rod’ and the upcoming summer comedy ‘The Watch.’ While Samberg is about to test his leading-man status with his role in ‘That’s My Boy,’ but he’s also got voice work in ‘Hotel Transylvania,’ and a starring role in ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever.’

Samberg became a break-out star with the digital shorts, and has been cast in smaller Hollywood roles after ‘Hot Rod’ bombed at the box office. After seven years on ‘SNL,’ it’s now or never.

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