Amarillo’s finest headed into the thick of the action when called on the injury, first reported as a disturbance, then possibly changed to a stabbing but in the most general sense, a laceration. Officers navigated the pre-lunch hour traffic deftly to the 3500 Block of Amarillo Boulevard East, or as Axl Rose described it, you’re in the jungle baby and you’re gonna die.

Officers found a 29-year-old female with a non-life threatening injury to her knee.  It hasn’t been determined if that’s the stabbing wound, a self-inflicted laceration, or a slip of a paring knife while peeling an apple, but at least some blood was lost and someone may or may not be criminally responsible for its spillage.

According to police reports, the “other half of the altercation” happened at the same location.  A suspect has not been fingered as the other, potentially better half of the possible stabbing but certain altercation. Which in case you missed, Amarillo’s stewards of municipal law eventually ruled it and wrote it up as an altercation, pretty much at a loss to classify it otherwise.  Police aren’t even sure there is a second person, it was perhaps just an apple stand man caught in the crossfire of another Amarillo Boulevard stabbing.  Well, if not a stabbing, a laceration.  At the very least, an incident. Listed in the file cabinet under Altercation. Reference that key word for your open records requests.

You know the jungle.

It’ll bring you to your shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees.

To your knees.

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