We've all had bad days. Some of us are having one today. It's alright. At least our bad days don't include scary, massive panthers or covered wagons.

Panhandle, or Pan Handle, Life Can Be Tough

A friend of mine forwarded an article to me about a teenage girl who had what could have been a really bad day. The article is credited to Youth's Companion, and dated January 8, 1891.

Youth's Companion was a magazine that started in 1827 for children. This story from 1891 took place right in the Texas panhandle.

In it, they highlight how life in the "pan handle" could be tough. Like when a sixteen-year-old riding to and from school on horseback stumbles upon a panther.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

If You Don't Have Your Gun, Apparently A Lasso Helps

The story explains how the girl, Pauline, didn't have any firearms with her when she stumbled upon the panther. So, she used a lasso and wound up dragging the animal along with her.

Her family had settled around 10 miles from the "new town" of Childress (remember this was written in 1891), and she still had a ways to ride. On her way home, she came across a group of cowboys who skinned the animal for her. Supposedly, the animal weighed 210 lbs.

Photo by Larry Costales on Unsplash
Photo by Larry Costales on Unsplash

At Least You Don't Have To Take A Covered Wagon To The Urgent Care

This reminded me of a story that my family has been telling for as long as I've been alive about a trip to see the doctor back when our family had first settled in the panhandle area.

The story goes that at the old homestead, one of the children became severely ill. With no doctor any where near, the family had to load up in a covered wagon and make their way to what we all lovingly refer to as, New Mexico.

As the story was relayed to me, it ends with everyone getting home safe and sound...and healthy. Personally, I can't imagine making the trip.

Getting drive-thru with the whole family loaded up in the car is a road trip that can leave my nerves frayed. You'd have to have nerves of steel to be cooped up in a covered wagon for days, with no A/C and no way to drown out the noise.

Today Was Rough, But It Could Have Been Much Worse

Sure, today was rough. But at least you and I can lay in bed tonight knowing that we didn't have to fight a panther to get there.

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