Prequels often afford the ability to trace history of fan-favorite characters, even if certain backstories are best-left unexplored. Case in point, Better Call Saul has lent plenty of depth to Bob Odenkirk’s erstwhile Jimmy McGill, though the actor himself wants fans to “stop hoping” that Bryan Cranston’s Walter White drops by for an appearance.

Granted, Better Call Saul hasn’t necessarily shied away from Breaking Bad references, both in background and major character, while even Aaron Paul continues espousing the possibility of an appearance. Odenkirk himself seems a bit tired of the inquiry however, giving a notably curt response to the Huffington Post:

There’s been so much talk about a Walter White cameo. What are the chances he shows up in Season 2?

Nil. Stop hoping. Stop referencing “Breaking Bad” … it hasn’t happened yet … this show is THIS show, and it’s full and complex and the stakes are different and it’s a helluva unique and rich experience.

What other characters from “Breaking Bad” would you love to see on “Better Call Saul”?

None or all … I’m on this show and enjoying it. Join me!

It’s understandable that Odenkirk might have grown tired of the question, given the same interview references his status as a “late-bloomer,” while many often overlook Better Call Saul for its own merits. It’s also likely that the AMC prequel will eventually return to the Breaking Bad era for an entire episode, though it doesn’t seem as if Odenkirk would be too interested in meeting up with any old Albuquerque alum.

In the meantime, Better Call Saul Season 2 continues tonight with “Gloves Off,” previews of which you can find below.

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