It’s only been about 16 months since Blake Lively gave birth to James, her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds, but the couple are already expecting their second baby.

Lively is reportedly pregnant with baby No. 2, according to a source close to the former Gossip Girl actress.

“Blake is absolutely thrilled and so is Ryan,” a source said to PEOPLE, while a different source claimed Lively may premiere her baby bump during the upcoming Met Gala on May 2.

PEOPLE goes on to report that rumors of Lively’s possible second pregnancy first appeared online after she was seen reshooting scenes for the upcoming movie The Shallows. Many believed she was trying to conceal any physical signs of pregnancy behind a surfboard and robe.

Lively and Reynolds have expressed their shared desire to have a big family someday in past interviews, so the news isn't completely surprising.

“I do want to just enjoy this moment,” said Lively in a 2015 interview with PEOPLE. “But I also feel like my first child is going to be the oldest sibling to the next kid, and that may change with each and every year. I’m looking forward to how one baby influences the other, and to my family as a whole, to every single chapter.”

Reynolds, meanwhile, expressed his joy over having a baby girl, following the birth of their daughter James: “Having a daughter was a dream come true for me. I never admitted it out loud, to myself or to my wife, but I really wanted a little girl."

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