Virgin Mobile Australia couldn’t hire Brad Pitt so they did the next best thing — they hired his brother, Doug, the second most-famous Pitt brother. And it’s kind of hilarious.

But why hire this totally unknown guy who just happens to be Brad Pitt’s brother? Virgin Mobile explains:

Doug’s just a regular guy. He washes his own car, pays his own bills, and does his own laundry. You see, unlike his famous bro, Doug’s never been the star of anything. As believers in ‘a fair go for all,’ Virgin Mobile have decided to make things a little fairer in the Pitt family.

Yeah, you tell that Brad Pitt he can’t hog all that spotlight forever. Doug is a good dude. Doug doesn’t have an Angelina Jolie and a rainbow stable of children. He can’t afford to grow a weird hippy beard that looks like it’d get you high if you tried to smoke it. He’s just a normal guy like the rest of us, but his brother is super famous. So really, he’s still kind of better than all of us.

Virgin Mobile says they’re offering “celebrity deals at celebrity brother prices,” which we think translates to “if you have a famous sibling, they’ll love buying this for you,” or something.

Check out the new ad below:

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