Titus Ashby is incapable of missing a shot -- whether it's from seven stories or seven feet, whether it's from behind, with both hands. And he's also incapable of keeping a smile off of Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper's faces, despite creaming them in a shooting contest -- so they agreed to make a viral video with him. And it's the cutest. Thing. Ever.

"So we went to Spain and did this TV show where Titus beat Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper in a shooting contest," father John Ashby said. "After the show, we asked them if they'd be in our new trick shot video. And, of course, when you're an A-list movie star who makes eight figures a film and some kid's dad asks you to be in their home movie, you think they'd say no ... or they could be totally cool about it."

Tatum and Cooper were totally cool. Beyond cool.

"Alright, we gotta talk about something," Tatum told Titus. "I thought you said you were gonna let me win on that one. You crushed me in the basketball thing. I can body slam you right now, but I'm not going to. We'll arm wrestle for the next challenge, OK? You challenge me to arm wrestling?"

The adorable blond tyke replied chipperly, "Yes!"

Cooper told the tot, "I think I can play pretty good. I mean, I didn't have 'The Eye of the Tiger' like you did, I think if I train a bit more, eat right, get some sleep, maybe one day I can have that focus you have now. It's intimidating. You're an intimidating guy."

He'll intimidate you too, once you see what he can do!

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