Before the critical accolades of 'Breaking Bad,' before the memorable stint on 'Malcolm in the Middle,' the great Bryan Cranston was just a working actor, the kind of guy who couldn't say no to a part unless he decided he didn't want to pay his rent. This means that the early filmography of the man who would be Walter White is filled with all kinds of odd projects ... and 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers,' a fact that Jay Leno dredged up when Cranston appeared on 'The Tonight Show.'

Thankfully, Cranston has a pretty fantastic sense of humor and was able to laugh along as Leno shared a clip. In the scene, the Power Rangers battle a villain named Snizard, and if we hadn't seen this clip with our own eyes, we never would have guessed that the nasally, bug-like voice emitting from the "Bad Guy of the Week" belonged to Cranston. The gag continued with Cranston sharing a clip of Leno on 'Good Times,' but let's face the facts: few things can top Bryan Cranston voicing a monster on 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.'

If you want to delve into this all a bit further, you can seek out the 14th episode of the first season, titled "Foul Play in the Sky," to see more. But that's not all! Cranston is all credited with voicing another villainous role, that of Twinman in season 1, episode 38, "A Bad Reflection on You," shown in the latter half of the video below. Well, at least we know where Cranston first developed the incredible menace he's showcased for five years on 'Breaking Bad.'

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