CBS ‘Supergirl’ recently revealed a more procedural format that had many fans worried about the series, but the casting of Kara Zor-El should leave all positively ‘Glee’-ful. Melissa Benoist will don a cape and tights for the title role in CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ series, chronicling the adventures of Superman’s cousin.

The new series (for now only given a vague series commitment) will follow Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El, born on the planet Krypton, but similarly escaping its inevitable destruction. Upon reaching Earth, Kara took in with her foster family, the Danvers, who taught her to use caution with her extraordinary powers.

Upon reaching age 24, Kara grows weary of repressing her abilities and masking her pretty appearance with glasses and a ponytail (“I did it! I’m a miracle worker!“), before an unexpected disaster forces her to use her powers in public. Emboldened by the heroism, Kara comes to embrace her powers and take up helping the people of her city under the moniker of Supergirl.

The series’ supporting cast also pulls from a number of classic Superman characters, with Kara’s own adopted sister “Alex” likely to be a major casting in the near future as well. Greg Berlanti and ‘No Ordinary Family’’s Ali Adler will write the script and executive produce the hourlong drama through Berlanti Productions’ Warner Bros. Television-based banner, with Sarah Schecter also executive producing.

And while Benoist shares a certain ‘Glee’ heritage with ‘The Flash’ star Grant Gustin, we shouldn’t start looking forward to crossovers just yet. What do we think? Does Melissa Benoist fit the bill as CBS’ ‘Supergirl?’ Who would you like to see join the new series?

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