Hollywood is just as shocked as you are about the Jussie Smollett attack scandal.

The Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods cheating scandal isn't the only story to rock our world this week. After what was believed to be a horrific hate crime in Chicago last month, Smollett was arrested on Thursday (Feb. 21) after authorities found evidence to suggest he "orchestrated" his entire attack to further his career.

As you can imagine, celebs can't believe the Empire star would do such a thing. Everyone from Piers Morgan to Andy Cohen have since reacted to the news, including many who publicly supported the actor following his alleged attack.

Brooklyn 99's Terry Crews, Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel, and rapper 50 Cent all weighed in on the scandal, too. Meanwhile, Cardi B took to Instagram Live to slam Smollett's actions. "I'm really disappointed in him. I feel like he f--ked up Black History Month, bro. God damn," she said. "You have so many people standing for you. Why would you do that, bro? Is attention that necessary for y'all nowadays?"

Below, check out all the celebrities who reacted to Smollett's arrest:

Celebrities Who Smiled in Their Mugshots

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