So its official.  Charlie Sheen has officially been fired from "Two and a Half Men".  The official word came down a little while ago.


The studio maintains Sheen defaulted on his contract due to several factors: Being

unable to perform his duties on Men; admitting to cocaine use; making derogatory public comments about the show; and refusing to continue on the series without “radical changes” being made.

As of right now, there has not been a response from Charlie on the official firing, however, you can probably expect the word trolls to be used several times and of course he's still winning!

This upsets me a bit because Two and a Half Men was one of my favorite shows.  Now matter what people say, Charlie made the show.  I wonder if this means John Stamos will actually take over the roll.

Rick had a great idea about Michael J. Fox coming in and taking over the role.  How funny would that be, just like Charlie did for "Spin City".

I am officially bummed.  I guess we can always watch Charlie on his UStream webcast.

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