Just when you think Charlie Sheen couldn't look any worse coming out of the Selma Blair 'Anger Management' debacle, his tiger blood once again delivers as new details about the spat emerge.

Deadline reports that not only did Sheen give Selma her walking papers, but that he did it Russell Brand-style -- aka, via text message -- and even called the actress a "c--t" in the process. (This supposedly wasn't the first time Selma had received a profanity-laced text from Charlie, either. And you thought your co-workers were bad.)

Insiders also alleged that by complaining, Selma was merely voicing concerns of many other cast and crew who were sick of having to "sit and wait for hours" before Sheen showed up on set. In other words, she's basically the Rosa Parks of FX.

Rather than recasting Selma's role as Charlie's therapist, the show is opting to bring in a different female character instead. But since Selma is said to be getting paid for the duration of her contract, there will be no lawsuits (yet).

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