I understand that Dolly Parton may not make your kind of music but I'm pretty sure if you grew up in Texas or the south for that matter you know Dolly Parton.  Heck, if you are female, and I'm just making an assumption here, you have probably bawled your eyes out at Steel Magnolias, where Parton played Truvy. With all that said did you know that Dolly can rap?

Well apparently Dolly was on Queen Latifah's talk show (Queen Latifah has a talk show, who knew?), and she came out with a big blonde afro and did her own kind of rap.  Hey, I found it very entertaining.

So I now understand how I didn't know about Queen Latifah's talk show.  It isn't carried in Amarillo.  However, it is in Lubbock.  So now you know.