Christina Perri just dropped her new music video for 'The Words,' and it features her stunning voice and a lumberjack hottie. What more could we ever want?

When we're not busy being mesmerized by Christina's achingly beautiful vocals -- needless to say, we're pretty obsessed with her gorgeous voice -- we're staring at 'Once Upon a Time' actor Colin O' Donoghue, who stars in the vid as a complete "lumbersexual" hunk, chopping wood, sipping a steaming bowl of hot soup and taking a bath. (This is what lumberjacks do, obviously.)

Throughout the video, O' Donoghue cultivates flowers in his greenhouse as Perri croons, unnoticed, next to him. While his gardening is heartbreakingly poignant at first, he eventually finds happiness with Perri at the end of the video. And that killer smile makes the whole thing worth it.

Check out Christina Perri's The Words' music video above!

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