Next week marks the 20th anniversary of the tragedy that claimed the lives of the crew aboard the Columbia space shuttle, including Amarillo's own Rick Husband. The City of Amarillo put out a press release earlier today detailing a ceremony that will take place honoring his legacy.

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Ceremony Honoring The Life And Legacy Of Amarillo's Native Son

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the Columbia shuttle tragedy. The press release states that the shuttle sustained catastrophic damage as it reentered the atmosphere.

The ship had spent sixteen days on a mission into space. Rick Husband was the shuttle commander.

Ceremony To Held At Rick Husband International Airport

At 10AM on the 20th anniversary of that tragic day, a ceremony will be held at the international airport that bears his name. The public is invited.

According to the press release put out by the City of Amarillo, officials from the City will be on hand along with friends of Rick Husband for the ceremony. They will place a wreath at the statue of Rick Husband at the airport.

The statue stands nine-feet tall. If you make the trip to the airport and see the statue, you'll notice Rick Husband's favorite passage of scripture from the Bible. According to the press release, Rick Husband's faith is a large part of his long lasting legacy in Amarillo.

The public is invited to attend the ceremony at Rick Husband International Airport, and to remember and honor the legacy of Amarillo's native son.

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