Stay ahead of severe weather with a personal, professional weather station for your home courtesy of BCL Construction & Roofing. Remember, when the time comes to repair your roof and weather damage, make the call to BCL!

AcuRite's high-precision PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor accurately measures five different outdoor conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain. It features two solar panels to allow the sensor's solar-powered internal aspirating fan to run more frequently (the standard 5-in-1 weather sensor has only one solar panel). The fan improves airflow to ensure highly accurate ambient temperature readings.

The sensor can be paired with an indoor digital display to view current conditions at-a-glance, or it can be used with the AcuRite Access, allowing you to monitor your sensor information from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, computer or tablet.

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