A video that seemingly depicts a security guard in Malaysia standing by and doing nothing as a woman is mugged in broad daylight has drawn criticism from those who think he should’ve intervened. But all may not be as it seems.

Security camera footage from an upscale gated community in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia shows two men chasing the woman and robbing her as she desperately tries to fight them off. The guard seems ready to come to her aid when — and this is the important part — one of the thugs aims what appears to be a gun at him.

At that point, he freezes and watches the rest of the assault take place until all the parties involved run off. Then he disappears back into the guard shack (to do what, we don’t know).

The woman’s husband was so infuriated at the guard’s inaction that he posted the video footage on YouTube, writing, “Dis is how d guard reacted when d robbers were snatching my wife’s belongings at our condo … ashamed on the guard and the management for their negligence and being ignorant.”

The clip has since gone viral in Malaysia, and the US hosts of RightThisMinute, a daily syndicated TV show featuring strange internet videos, also had a spirited debate about it — which helped the clip go viral here, too.

Watch for yourself — what would you do?

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