Did Pharrell copy his '24 Hours of 'Happy'' video from a New York City-based dancer named Anne Marsen? 

Last year, Pharrell released a video playlist on YouTube titled '24 Hours of 'Happy'' which shows people around the world from 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. dancing to his number one single, 'Happy,' on repeat. This caught the eye of 24-year-old dancer Anne Marsen, who recorded her own video in 2011 dancing around New York City called 'Girl Walk // All Day.'

According to SPIN, Marsen raised funds from Kickstarter for a 71-minute film that is set to Girl Talk's album, 'All Day,' and shows her free dancing through the streets of the city. Marsen only found out about Pharrell's video when it appeared on social media and immediately identified a number of coincidences.

If you watch the video posted above, a number of similarities have been identified with camera shots, dance moves and even costumes. The video shows Marsen on the left and Pharrell's videos on the right, side-by-side. Given that there are almost 24 hours of footage from Pharrell's playlist, it would seem plausible that one would run into accidental coincidences between the two videos.

"It's a great thing that dance is getting recognition as a long-form kind of thing, because we want to be making more projects that we're dreaming up now that are in this form," Marsen told SPIN. "Yet at the same time we feel like we're not getting the recognition for this."

Pharrell's reps have denied that their videos were inspired by 'Girl Walk // All Day' and claim that their filmmakers were not aware of Marsen's video.

What do you think? Should Marsen receive credit for the idea?

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