TikTok is a gold mine of offbeat humor. Once in a while, Amarillo gets caught up in it. We've seen Amarillo be compared to a winter wonderland and a tropical paradise. Yet, nothing compares to this.

Have you seen Amarillo's sneaky cameo in this viral video?

Reb For The Rebrand

The TikTok account @rebmasel has a series of videos where they break down "iconic" court transcripts. It should be no surprise that some of the wildest things you've ever heard have been uttered in the hallowed halls of justice.

In the series, these transcripts are read in a dry tone that only adds to the laugh factor.

What Does This Have To Do With Amarillo?

In part 27 of the series, which is hovering around 500k likes, Amarillo is featured at around the 1:29 mark. If you aren't paying attention you'll miss it.

The locations where these quotes are taken from aren't read aloud, so you have to be looking at the text in the background to catch a glimpse. Usually, the video skips to the next quote so fast that you don't get a chance to see it clearly.

Not the Amarillo quote. By the way, before you watch this one with the kids around, know that a word is used that you will probably wind up having to explain. Definitely a more PG-13 quote.

@rebmasel Replying to @hannajourdan you know the drill #transcripts ♬ original sound - reb for the rebrand

My jaw dropped to the floor when I realized the quote about the certain...adult activity...came from Amarillo.

Who says Amarillo is a boring place to be?

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