I'll be sitting at my desk and hear "BAM", usually followed by some very choice words. We have been invaded by gnats. You never have gnat. You have...gnats.

Somewhere in this big building, there is a piece of something, that has brought one of the foulest of God's creations, to Amarillo's radio land. You can follow the "BAMS" and "SPLATS" and find who has been driven to near madness, by these horrible pests.

If it can kill you, it lives in Texas. If you want to kill it, it lives in Texas. Three of the worst things ever imagined, are (in this order) flies, mosquitoes, and gnats.I can dispatch the first two in quick order. Gnats enjoy being small enough to fly around your face or go up your nose with the greatest of ease. They would make Mother Teresa furious..

There is a gnat, on my screen as you read this. I've been trying to send it back to hell in which it came from, for the last hour. I've swatted at it, thrown stuff at it, and tried to murder it with my bare hands. Zero luck. It's mocking me now, and I'm helpless. It's winning and I hate when bugs win. They seem to be immune to any spray, and can avoid being smashed in to desks or walls.

I have amazed myself, at my cobra-like quickness at striking out at it. But, it's just a bit quicker. While you are enjoying Labor Day weekend, I'm going every inch of this building. I'm going to find them. I'm going to kill them and everything that knows them. I'm going to burn their house down. I want them to know who I am. And fear me.

Any ideas? Please leave a comment below. This, is war.

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