Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and other AMC shows will not be aired on Dish Network.

Tomorrow night will be the last night that you can watch AMC and affiliated channels if you're a Dish Network Customer. The company shows no plans as of now to start carrying AMC again.

Looking forward to watching The Walking Dead preview weekend on the 7th and 8th of July? What about Breaking Bad's season premiere on the 15th? If you are currently on Dish Network, you are out of luck.

Here is where Suddenlink comes to the rescue. Not only do they have all of your favorite channels as well as home phone service and high speed internet, but the will also give your $300 in savings to help cover any of your satellite cancellation fees.

I know that I'm super excited for Breaking Bad's new season and am super lucky that I'm already with Suddenlink. If you want to look into switching, check out Suddenlink here.


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