Every so often, national headlines are made when someone goes out to Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas and come away with a rare find. One such occasion is what ties Amarillo to a very special $150,000 diamond.

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W.W. Johnson And His Trip To Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds

In 1975, W.W. Johnson made a trip from Amarillo to Arkansas to visit the Crater of Diamonds. If you aren't familiar with Crater of Diamonds, it sounds like the kind of place we all should visit at least once in our lives.

Crater of Diamonds is one of a few places in the world where you can go look for real diamonds, rocks, and minerals in an eroded volcanic crater. Whatever you find, you can keep.

That takes us back to W.W. Johnson and his family vacation in 1975.

A Family Vacation That Still Has Yet To Be Beat

While vacationing at Crater of Diamonds, W.W. Johnson presumably decided to do some digging. We can assume this because what he found has yet to be beat.

W.W. Johnson, of Amarillo, found the biggest diamond to be found by a guest at Crater of Diamonds since being made into a state park in 1972.

Johnson stumbled upon a 16.37-carat white diamond. It would later be cut down to 7.54-carat marquise shaped diamond.

The diamond was named "Amarillo Starlight."

How Much Is This Record Holding Diamond Worth?

This is what I think most of us would be wondering if we were to be so lucky as to find a diamond at Crater of Diamonds. Supposedly, the diamond has an estimated value somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000 - $175,000.

Not bad for a family vacation. You can see a photo of the diamond on the Crater of Diamond's website.

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