When it comes to being gullible, it's awfully hard to pull one over on someone from Texas. Remember what George W. Bush said about being fooled, and that old saying from Texas? Been fooled once, you can't fool him again. That doesn't mean that once in a while Texans find themselves on the gullible end of a bad joke or urban myth. So, which ones do we believe the most?

How Gullible Are People From Texas?

The good news is that people from Texas aren't that gullible when compared to the rest of the country. There was a study recently done that found us on the "not very gullible" end of the sucker spectrum. The study, conducted by MRO Electric, determined that Texas as the 29th most gullible state. Friends, that puts us squarely in the smart half.

So what shenanigans are we still falling for that keep us from topping the heap?

The Silly Things That Texans Are Still Falling For

According to the study, the biggest bit of misinformation that we're still falling for on a regular basis is putting your phone in rice if it gets wet. The only part of that myth that is true is that rice absorbs moisture. It's honestly not that great of a way to dry off your phone.

The next one, according to the study, is the myth of a sugar high in children. Supposedly, studies show there's no real big connection between sugar and kids acting like complete savages. The hyperactivity is, according to some, just the excitement that is built around sweets.

Another big one is that urinating on a jellyfish sting is the best way to treat it when you're out chilling with jellyfish. Oddly enough, that's not necessarily true. I suppose if you were stranded on an island with no other options, then it might make sense. However, salt water and vinegar are actually the recommended options. Weird.

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