Call it the 'Happy Days' spin-off that never was: Joanie used to love Chachi, but now she loves to party and piss off motel managers in small Indiana towns, where she's rambling around homeless after being punted from a fancy (read: not fancy) trailer park.

Wasn't this supposed to happen to Jenny Piccolo?

Erin Moran, who we all once knew as Joanie "Shortcake" Cunningham on the popular '70s show ‘Happy Days,’ is no longer the sweet daughter of 1950s-era loving parents, but is now a sad 51-year-old who can’t quite seem to get her life together.

Recent reports indicate that she was kicked out of a motel in Corydon, Ind. after the staff there was done with her “partying and belligerent behavior.”

Previously, she and her husband had moved in with his mother after losing their California home in foreclosure, and for a while Moran was her mother-in-law's caregiver -- but apparently that fell apart when Moran took up a lifestyle that involved barhopping and bringing random people home late at night to smoke a lot of cigarettes and make a lot of noise.

Fed up, the older lady finally kicked both her son and Erin to the curb, and sources say Moran and her husband are now moving from motel to motel, blowing through the $60,000 settlement Erin got after she and other members of the 'Happy Days' cast filed suit against CBS for a piece of the merchandising rights from the hit show.

And thus another icon from our childhoods endures a tragic fall.


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