I have always loved jukeboxes. As a child, I would always bug my parents for a dime for one song or even a quarter to play three songs! It may have been jukeboxes that got me into radio. The idea of having hundreds at my fingertips was a fantasy I never thought possible.

I bought one years ago, and it's a great place to put your old 45s. A friend of mine just bought one after a year of searching. When I first started looking for one, it was hard to find one in working shape-if you could find one at all. Something I discovered, is none of the jukebox makers, thought anybody would want an old one. So, they would take their older models and smash them up, and use the parts or metal, to make a new one.

Searching on the internet has made the task of locating a working jukebox for sale, easier, but prepare to pay up. The older the jukebox, the more it costs. If it happens to,  work properly, prepare to pay even more. I wanted one like I saw on "Happy Days" and I found one that worked. The owner wanted almost $3,000 for it and that was 1985. I can't even imagine, what it would cost today.

I ended up with a 1964 Rockola, that was in a private collection. He got it from a local bar and restored it and wanted around $500 for it. It worked just fine and came with an original manual, so I bought it. I'm useless when trying to repair electronics, so a host of radio engineers I've known, have worked on it, when needed.

You can find everything you need for it online. Records, needles, parts, and even title strips. I disabled the coin slot, so it will play for free. My friends and later my kids loved it and that sucker is loud.

If you own a jukebox or you're looking for one, comment in the section below. We' love to see pictures, or hear about the best jukebox you ever saw.

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