There have been a lot of changes to Toot'n Totum over the years. The one in the photo is at Wolflin and Washington. It definitely doesn't look anything at all like the Toot'n Totums we see all over Amarillo today.

Vintage Toot'n Totum

There is one big major difference you notice right off the bat. The signage is different.

In all of the new Toot'n Totums that spring up like baby rabbits, I haven't seen any of them with a sign like that. They're sleek and styled. This one is pretty basic. They also don't have a black background anymore.

There are so many differences

Also, where's the pointed rooftop? That's a Toot'n Totum thing too, right? It's like someone shrunk a Whataburger, painted it red, and put it on top. That's missing in this photo.

Take another look at the pic and you'll see a Texaco sign. That's also rare for a Toot'n Totum in this day and time.

Considering the color scheme for the Texaco signage, I suppose that may be part of the reason why it was chosen. Now that every Toot'n Totum isn't attached to Texaco, we may not need that black background so much.

Toot'n Totum in the 90's

Doing a little digging (which translates into asking someone who has been here longer than me), I found out that this was the second Toot'n Totum ever built.

It's a reminder of simpler times. Those simpler times being February 1, 1990 when the photo was taken.

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