You can't blame anyone for being a little confused when it comes to the Potter County Courthouse. We've had a few in Amarillo since the city was born. Keeping track of all the historic sites can be a daunting task.

That's what has everyone confused when it comes to the Potter County Courthouse.

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There Has Been A Grand Total Of Five Potter County Courthouses

That's right. There have been five different Potter County Courthouses over the years.

The first was built in 1887, but we outgrew it pretty quick. So in 1889, we upgraded.

Then, in 1896, the county decided it would need a bigger one. It lasted until 1904 before the county needed more elbow room.

So far, we're up to four courthouses in a span of just 17 years. That last one would hold us over until 1932, when the courthouse we're all familiar with was finally built.

Is This Decrepit Building One Of Potter County's Former Courthouses?


This is where the confusion comes in. It seems that a lot of people think that this used to be a former Potter County Courthouse. Namely, number three.

There have even been people doing research into the architecture of the Potter County Courthouse that have stumbled across this and asked if it's possible that this is a remnant of the courthouses that have come before.

Scrolling through comments on the inquisitive post, eventually you'll find someone who claims ownership of the property. According to that person, this building was never the courthouse.

It was building used by the Texas Highway Department. Some have said that this was the site of courthouse number 3, but that's not the same building.

The current courthouse, number five, is listed on the National Register Of Historic Places. You can find it downtown on South Filmore.

It was rededicated in 2012 and even got a facelift thanks to the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program.

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