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Nina Blackwood Rocks The 80s On Mix Weekends
Mix 94-1 is proud to welcome one of the original MTV VJ's to our weekend lineup. Nina Blackwood's Absolutely 80s can be found 7-10, each Sunday morning. No one knows the ’80s like Nina Blackwood. She helped set the musical tastes and trends that are being celebrated today.
Want To Own A Jukebox?
If you own a jukebox or you're looking for one, comment in the section below. We' love to see pictures, or hear about the best jukebox you ever saw.
Yes, The Summer Of '69 Was Awesome!
Every summer, Bryan Adam's song "Summer Of '69" is all over the radio. Great tune, but was that summer really great? Yes, it was. I was 13 that summer and it seemed I lived at the local swimming pool, and most of my memories of that time, revolve around that location.

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