Every summer, Bryan Adam's song "Summer Of '69" is all over the radio. Great tune, but was that summer really great? Yes, it was. I was 13 that summer and it seemed I lived at the local swimming pool, and most of my memories of that time, revolve around that location.

The music that summer was just amazing. The pool piped through the local Top 40 station, over some terrible horn speakers, but rocked poolside big time. The Beatles "Get Back" was huge. So was The Archie's "Sugar Sugar;" Zager & Evans "In The Year 2525;" "Crystal Blue Persuasion," "Dizzy," "Good Morning Starshine"  "Honky Tonk Women," "Bad Moon Rising" " Sweet Caroline," and "My Cherie Amour," were all blasting the pool. It was a great summer for music.

Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin, walked on the moon. Woodstock happened in the summer of '69" and only the fact that I was 13 without a job or a car, kept me from going.

Truthfully, I was happy where I was. It was the first summer, I noticed the girls were looking really nice in their bikinis. I fell in love for the first time, with an emerald Camero that was on the lot at the Chevy dealer. It had two racing stripes across the hood, and I rode my bicycle to go look at it every day. I was becoming a "guy." Cars and girls became very important to me.

Bryan Adams was actually 9 years old in the "Summer Of '69" so I'm not so sure how many bands he was really in. His friend Jimmy "got married" so either Bryan Adams was really mature for his age, or the age for marriage in Canada is lower than I thought.

Do you have memories of the "Summer Of '69?" Share them with us, in the comments below.

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