In early 2019, news headlines heralded the dawning of a new era. Girls were going to be allowed in Boy Scouts. Despite heated arguments, it was made official and then most of us promptly forgot about it.

Now, it looks like Troop 1776 is wanting to start a girls troop in the area. In fact, the exact wording used is that Troop 1776 is "on the verge" of getting it started.

"Leadership had considered the idea but never had any young ladies interested so it was always just a possibility," said Tackett McClenny, a troop leader in Amarillo. "But recently some of our newest members have sisters and friends that are very interested so we decided to move forward with beginning one."

I did a little poking around and it turns out that the first girls scout troop in Amarillo was Troop 86. Troop 4086 was divided up into two patrols that went by the very best names I've heard of: the Trash Pandas and Awesome Avocados.

I think a lot about both of my daughters when it comes to this. I have one whose favorite color is pink, and is only interested in things that are cute and cuddly. She's our little princess and never misses an opportunity to remind us of it.

Our other daughter is more interested in artistic pursuits, and doesn't mind playing in the dirt. Out of the two of them, she would be the one who would be interested in something like this.

The social media post about the girls' troop encourages people who have a daughter between 11-17 years old to reach out if they're interested in things like rafting, hiking, leather work, archaeology, and of course camping.

They even mention the once a year trek to summer camp.

I was a scout when I was growing up. I have a lot of fond memories of all the camping trips we took. I learned a lot when it came to earning badges.

If one of my daughters were to tell me they were interested in joining up, I would definitely go with them to check it out. It was a positive experience in my life I wouldn't want to deny to any of my children.

The Troop meets Monday night at the Comanche Trail Church of Christ at 2700 SE 34th Ave. For more information you can email Tackett McClenny.

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